With the sound of the rolling waves crashing on the white sandy beach and the company of the timid wildlife only footsteps from your back door, only adds to the relaxing peaceful time that is spent at the quaint little cottage of Flip Flop Flap.

The name Flip Flop Flap originated from a young fisherman who once owned the cottage and believed that when he caught fish off the Vivonne Bay Jetty, as the fish were trying to free themselves from his hook and line, they would make the sound of Flip Flop Flap as their tail and body tossed on the old weather beaten boards of the jetty.

We welcome you to enjoy a relaxing holiday at Flip Flop Flap and to experience the secret piece of paradise that so many people talk about worldwide. Once classed as, and still believed to be by many people as the best beach in Australia... Vivonne Bay.